Automated Cyber Risk Assessment for Compliance Certification

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Product Features

Data Input

  • Draw the model with the intuitive web inteface
  • Import data through the API
  • Integration with cloud deployments
  • Select existing mitigations from standard controls

SPYDERISK Automation

  • Threats are identified following the web of attack paths
  • Mitigations are proposed drawn from a detailed knowledgebase
  • Risks are computed from threat likelihood and business impact

Analysis & Export

  • See the highest risk threats and view the causes
  • Implement suggested controls to lower the risk level
  • Export a full technical assessment
  • Create SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance reports

Industry-Leading Solutions

SPYDERISK combines a comprehensive system model with an innovative machine reasoning technique and a detailed knowledgebase of threats and control strategies to create an unsurpassed view of the risks to a system.

Threat Explorer

Discover all of the threats facing your systems. Sort by risk or likelihood, filter by asset and view the causes and effects.

Intelligent Control-Strategies

Implement suggested control-strategies on an asset-by-asset level, or add control strategies on a system-wide level. Risks are automatically recalculated following control implementation, allowing you to focus on the biggest risks to your systems.

Advanced Risk Modelling

Cutting-edge risk calculation methods based upon over 7 years of academic research by a highly skilled team at The University of Southampton.

High-level Dashboard

See your company's cyber-security posture at a glance and see how your risk level has varied over time.

About Us

The innovative risk calculation and modelling techniques at the heart of SPYDERISK are the result of over 7 years of research by Professor Mike Surridge and others at IT Innovation.

The Team

Niall Dickin

Dr. Stephen Phillips

Prof. Mike Surridge

Dr. Steve Taylor